On Target Marketing migrates Overseas Migration Consultants to BBCMigration.com

Mumbai-based internet marketing company, On Target Marketing Solutions has completed the web site re-design and development for Overseas Migration Consultants. In addition to a complete makeover of the website user interface, the latter have moved their website to a new domain, www.bbcmigration.com.

The focus of the user interface website revamp was to provide a neat design, that enabled users to more easily find information and assistance on immigration to various countries. Improving the ease of use and facilitating online lead generation were the prime criteria while retaining the simplicity of the original website.

Based in Mumbai, BBC Migration is a major provider of services Australia Immigration, UK Immigration, New Zealand Immigration and Canada Immigration services.

We specialize in website traffic generation with SEO, PPC and other online marketing activities. Contact us today to discuss how we can help use your website to generate more sales leads.

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