10 content types that Google loves!

Ranking first on the Google page – something every SEO/SEM dreams of! Content is the deciding factor; this we all know, but do we understand what type of content Google favors?

Here are 10 types of content that Google loves:

  1. Publish interviews: When you are making a claim, it always helps if it is backed by an expert’s opinion. Even Google loves informative and fresh content, and what better than interviewing an expert! Not just that, you can earn precious back links and get the guest blogger/ interviewee to add your website on Google+. This will help you earn Brownie points with Google!
  2. Create Lists: No one has the time and patience to go through blocks of content. Lists are an easy, precise and convenient way of summarizing the information and make it more reader-friendly. Even Google likes lists, as they are unique content. Creating lists is easy, simply jot down your thoughts and arrange them into the ‘top 10’ or ‘top 5’ format.
  3. Become a resource center: The reason why Wikipedia is always on the top in Google is because it is a resource center and provides data the way it should be provided – in a trusting, organized, and disciplined format. To win with Google, it is important to become a resource center – devote a section of your website for providing information, from where people can learn. The reason why Google favors resource centers is because the majority of online visitors link and share them. In addition, people tend to spend more time on resource centers than reading blogs!
  4. Create impact with social content: If you update your social media handles (Google+, Facebook, Twitter, etc.) just because you have to do so, it will reflect on the kind of response you get for the same. To create user engagement and retention, create posts that intrigue the visitor, that promise him something exciting coming up, so that he keeps visiting your page/ site.
  5. Invest in polls/ surveys: When you are watching the news, doesn’t your attention divert to the portion of the screen where a poll or the results of a survey are displayed! The reason is that percentages and statistics are easier to understand and interesting to read. That is the reason why even Google like such posts.
  6. Keep updating the content: The content we see today on Wikipedia is not necessarily how it originally was.  The content has to be updated regularly, to keep in line with the latest trends. We all know Google loves unique and fresh content, so why do you suppose that it will favor a content that was written five years ago?
  7. Reviews: Are you a local service provider, and worry how Google will notice you? Reviews are your answer. Get noticed by doing with user-friendly and informative reviews in your field of expertise. For eg. If you are a make-up artist, review the latest launched lipstick, foundation, or other makeup accessories. And if you are creative enough, your video can even go viral!
  8. Rants: Everyone has their own way of seeing the glass as either half full or half empty. Air your views regarding a development or a new trend in your industry. Update your knowledge and put forth your arguments. You are bound to not only get noticed by Google, but also receive feedback and counter-arguments. Nothing better to climb up on the popularity chart!
  9. Contests: You do not have to necessarily create the content yourself. Start a contest and let the participants build the content. Ask your visitors to upload photos, videos, comments and see your site rise up on the Google ladder!
  10. Funny means viral: Maintaining a sense of humor is very important, and more so when it helps you go viral! Whether it is blogs, websites or videos – the more stupid and funny it is, the chances of it going viral increases!

These are excerpts from ‘17 Types of Content That Google Will Eat Up’ by Jeff Foster. To read the complete article, visit MarketingProfs


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