10-minute SEO! How about SEO in 2 minutes?

There was a video recently released by somebody from Google that attracted quite a lot of attention and got embedded and covered by many other websites. It was a 10-minute guide to SEO for start-ups. Yes, learn SEO in 10 minutes! [To give credit where it's due, the presenter did mention that the tips were more suitable for a site that is about 50-odd pages and targeting a few keywords and those aspiring to rank high for lots of keywords in multiple categories should invest more time and effort in their SEO].

The point is, understanding the basics of SEO shouldn’t even take 10 minutes; a couple of minutes should do! And this can apply to anyone, anywhere, in any industry irrespective of the competitiveness of the industry. Know these things and you are on the SEO journey!

So, the three magic bullets are:

> Create great content.
> Ensure this content is accessible to search engines.
> Make this content popular.

Unbelievably easy, isn’t it? Really, that’s all there is to the art and science of SEO…….except, if you are willing to add the following parameters into the mix: the competition, the time frame and the resources at one’s disposal (both in terms of skillset and costs).

Creating and executing an optimised plan with the above “constraints” in place is really where SEO becomes a challenge; as with most things in business, successful SEO is about allocation and optimisation of time and resource. The secret is in the “how” and the thinking and sustained effort it takes to achieve the results that everybody wants but not many are willing to expend the time and money to do so.

Looking to do SEO for your website? Get in touch with us to discuss your requirements and expectations and hopefully we will be able to fulfill them.

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