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  • Google Panda updates are like PageRank updates!

    Google Panda updates are now like what PageRank updates used to be a few years ago. Every time there was a toolbar PR update, the SEO world would be in a frenzy, with lots of online space devoted to analysing which sites lost PR, which ones gained and how much. Things have changed so much, particularly in the course of the last couple of years, that PR updates almost go unnoticed. (more…)

  • Using videos for effective B2B online marketing

    With increasing speed of Internet connectivity and lower cost of bandwidth, the use of online videos is bound to keep growing in leaps and bounds. The greater consumption of multimedia content, particularly video, means that online marketers have to seriously consider adding video content to their content andmarketing mix. Moreover, with videos becoming a fairly integral part of  universal search results, SEO considerations also add the weight to producing more video content. (more…)

  • Has Google Panda new version been rolled out on September 28?

    It looks like there has been a roll out of another version of Google Panda yesterday ie. September 28. Or it may be something different altogether— however, we’ve noticed a significant shift in traffic on some sites.

    None of the major search enigne marketing blogs/ websites seem to have reported on this yet, though we’ve noticed a couple of isolated posts on some webmaster forums from affected website owners.

    Watch this space as we learn more in the next few days to see if the fluctuation we have noticed in the last couple of days is an aberration or if there is something more to it that search engine marketers and SEO comapnies like us need to be concerned about.

  • SEO lessons from India’s disastrous cricket tour of England

    If you are wondering what a cricket tour has to do with SEO, there’s quite a lot. As almost anyone with any understanding of the field will agree, one of the main aims of SEO is to attract relevant traffic to a website, typically by being at the top of the search results. Just as the Indian cricket team found out when they went on a seemingly underprepared tour of England where they got whitewashed 4-0 in the test series and lost their top spot in the International Cricket Council cricket rankings, companies using SEO as a key element of their online marketing strategy should realize that getting to the top of search engine rankings is difficult enough; staying there is equally hard, if not more so.


  • Should marketers invest in Bing SEO/ SEM as search share increases?

    Recent stats from Experian-Hitwise indicates that Bing-Yahoo share of search engine traffic has increased by about 4% at Google’s expense. These are US numbers, of course, but very often what happens in the US tends to mirror itself in other parts of the world.

    What does it mean for marketers looking to attract search engine traffic? Not much, really- at least not for now; Google is still way too dominant and takes so much of the market share that it makes sense to focus SEO or even paid search marketing efforts on Google, particularly if budget is limited.

    If the target audience is end consumers (as opposed to businesses), then it might make sense to invest in SEO/SEM for Bing/ Yahoo, specifically. Otherwise, we suggest marketers to wait and watch.

  • Marketing SEO services – a lesson in how not to!

    This morning we received a brief e-mail from the Business Development Director of a SEO firm. The subject line was that our domain was on page 19 of Google and whether we wanted to be #1.  Interesting enough for us to take a look and read the message. That was when we got the ideal lesson in how NOT to market SEO services or, for that matter, any service.


  • Google’s voice search still has a long way to go

    It’s been a few months since Google added voice search capabilities when searching using Chrome. However, from the looks of it, the voice search still needs a significant degree of improvement.

    We tested using one of our staff who is fairly accent-neutral, and some of the results that showed up were way off the mark. (more…)

  • The SEO recipe: creativity, the missing ingredient

    When we were looking to hire a few SEO executives for our Mumbai office recently, we had the opportunity to speak a lot of young SEO professionals with about a year to 2 years’ experience.


  • Can social media drive large volumes of traffic to your website?

    To be honest, there is no straight answer to the question we have posed here. The best answer really is, “it depends”.  From the various organic social media marketing campaigns we have done for clients, we’ve come to the conclusion that direct traffic from organic Social Media Optimisation (SMO)/ Social Media Markting(SMM) efforts typically is often a small fraction of what gets from organic search engine traffic ie. SEO. This fact is also validated by some studies conducted in the US recently on the contribution of traffic from social media to target websites. (more…)


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