3 Impacts of Google Hummingbird on content marketing

The internet search giant Google has created waves with the announcement of hummingbird, the new search engine algorithm. Websites, especially content sites survive on the knowledge of algorithms and this algorithm has set off panic about their search engine rankings. But is this panic justified? How big is the impact on web content marketing? Read on to learn about the 3 impacts of Google hummingbirds on content marketing.

1. Less focus on keywords
Keywords can be termed as the life blood of websites. Without them, a website gets lost in the millions of web links on the internet. Webpage optimization through specific keywords is one of the keystones while building and developing a website. The objective of this is to enable users to get the most relevant links while typing their search query. However, this process was subject to rampant abuse by website owners in the race for top web search rankings. To stem the problem, Google has altered the search algorithm to focus less on specific keywords and determine the intent of a search query. The focus here is to provide the users their required content within the first three links of search hits answers. The change is simplified by a fact that the general public have begun to key in long questions instead of one or two keywords. This does not mean that the keywords will fade away, but the search engine will now try to understand the complex purpose of entering those keywords. Internet marketing service providers in Mumbai and other metro cities will now have to modify their online marketing campaigns so that they stay ahead in the race.

2. Knowledge graph
In 2012, Google introduced the knowledge graph in order to make search queries more interactive and user friendly. Expanding on that concept with the help of hummingbird, the Google search engine will now determine the relevancy of the question asked with the result and will pull up the most relevant data with highlights. For example: If you query in ‘calories in an apple’, the search engine knowledge box has now been modified to determine whether this question has relevance to nutrition and will accordingly pull up the relevant website.

3. Quality over quantity
The mantra of SEO service providers till date was to bombard the internet with content filled with keywords regardless of quality. The latest update will force web content providers to focus on providing quality articles, which cater to the user’s needs rather than bringing traffic. Hence forth, relevant articles will be crucial in boosting a website’s page ranking rather than focus on specific keywords. The relevance of context will be amplified in future content marketing campaigns.

Make sure your SEM service provider is aware of the latest hummingbird release and its impact. Always remember that adequate information and knowledge is the key to prepare the perfect content marketing campaign.

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