5 Laws of social media marketing

The millions of users who check into Facebook per second globally is just an indication of the enormous reach and power social media has over the public. Many top corporate and brands harness this reach to bring exciting leads and opportunities for more sales. It also helps that social media provides a cheap and effective platform for meaningful customer engagement. But for any company to be successful in social media marketing, they should follow certain time and tested rules which are effective and brings in results.

Five laws of social media marketing:

1. Focus
Majority of the companies make a mistake while following this rule. They try to be a jack-of-all-trades instead of focusing on their niche area. If you consistently post updates that are irrelevant, consumers will even unlike you on social media. By if focus on your area of expertise, you bring in relevant information to your fans. Your marketing strategy will have a better chance of success if you focus of your specialized products.

2. Analyze and engage
Over time, you will get an idea about which posts gather the highest number of customer engagement. Use that information to create a content post plan. In this way, you are analyzing the content and the user’s feedback that will help you get the most from social media. In this manner, you can generate meaningful engagement that adds value to your brand.

3. Patience
The law of patience is one of the most important social media marketing laws. If you are starting out with a social media marketing campaign, you should note that it takes time to generate positive results. Unless you are in the Forbes Top Five MNC list, it will time consuming social process to get word out about your products and services. The key message here is to consistently maintain and improve your social media presence, so that over time you will create a large number of followers. There are many digital marketing agencies out there that will help you to create a long term social media plan.

4. Compound effect
The compound effect in the social media scenario has enormous power. It means that when you post a quality content on your social media platforms, it gets shared by your followers that in turn, spread the word around. This stimulates the search engines, which pushes your website rankings to the top level. Professional SEM agencies work in unison to maximize the compound effect.

5. Ask for influence
There are social media experts on the internet who already have large number of followers. You can contact them and ask them to leverage their reach for the brands.
It is imperative that you follow the above five laws to the hilt. See your online brand presence fortify with them and enjoy its benefits.

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