Dos and Don’ts of Facebook Marketing

Social media is an integral marketing vehicle for businesses/brands of any size and shape. Let’s focus on getting our strategy right on Facebook, which is a particularly powerful channel for B2C marketers. Here are the dos and don’ts of Facebook marketing.

10 Dos

  1. Did you know facts?
  2. Knowledge sharing posts/blogs/YouTube videos etc.
  3. Creative/artistic/out of the box posts
  4. Innovative crafts/designs/how-to-do, DIY stuff
  5. Update that actuates emotions – such as – happiness, anger, etc.
  6. Engaging posts, such as games/puzzles/trivia/polls
  7. Timely posts – Celebrating mother’s day, valentine’s day etc.
  8. Light posts – Life quotes, inspiring stories, funny posts, weekend posts etc.
  9. Social responsibility actuating posts – Reduce, Reuse And Recycle…
  10. 10. Up-cycling ideas – How to reuse/repurpose?

10 Don’ts

  1. Marketing posts – a complete no-no. If you must put in a marketing message, be subtle and that too occasionally.
  2. Direct selling posts– unless you have an irresistible offer to announce.
  3. Too educational/”scientific” posts
  4. Too corporate/self promoting posts (Never glorify yourself too evidently on the social platform)
  5. Never post too industry-specific posts (especially for technical pages)
  6. Excessive ‘Call to Action’ posts. (Hit like, click the link etc).
  7. Just text and no image is a strict no-no?, fans love visually appealing updates.
  8. Repetitive posts – Variety is the spice of life and that’s true for the social space. Plan your calendar and make sure you don’t trigger the same emotion everyday.
  9. Random updates … updating stuff that deviates from your existence is fine on some days but constantly uploading stuff that has no connection to your page will drive fans away. There is a reason why they have liked you; be worthy of that like.
  10. 10. Low –quality images: it annoys the fans and may drive them away from your page.

Develop an authentic profile as nothing can beat the value of a genuine profile. Respond to your valuable fans on an ongoing basis to strengthen your bond.

This is an excerpt from the original article titled, “A Beginner’s Guide To Social Media – 10 Hits And Misses,” published on Business-Matter .

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