Enhance your Twitter conversations with these tips

Twitter is considered to be one of the main social media platforms in the modern times. After Facebook, it has the largest social reach in terms of followers and tweets. In order to be successful on Twitter, you need to build engaging conversations. Otherwise your followers will unfollow you more quickly can you gain new ones. It is not rocket science to build a strong brand in Twitter. You can create a strong Twitter presence by following some basic tips and guidelines. It is not just enough to create a Twitter page, captivate your followers so that they will be more loyal to the brand.

Tips for enhanced conversations:

1. Retweetable words
Retweeting tweets is a sure fire way to get many followers. It spreads the word about your trending products and pushes your keywords up the rankings. Twitter can be considered as an ocean of updates and users often get overwhelmed by the sheer volume of tweets. You should take steps to focus on those tweets that will instantly capture your followers’ attention and get the maximum link clicks. Some of the most commonly used words are ‘check out, how to’ etc.

2. Captivating images
A thousand words can be spoken in a single picture. Since Twitter gives only 140 characters to make a point, you can take the help of great images to help signify your message. The overall user engagement increases tremendously with the usage of images. With regards to image usage, you can follow the principle of the ‘more the merrier’. You can even see more click-through rates because of images.

3. Eye catching profile

Never do the mistake of keeping your Twitter profile bland. A good brand takes efforts to revamp the profile page and make it as inviting as ever. An eye-catching profile page can help user connect and make your followers relate to the brand. Even if your brand is not large, the sheer uniqueness of your profile page will entice users to follow you. While creating your page, you should check whether the creative matches your brand and product context. You can make creative about your services, office, products, etc.

4. Short tweets

Short tweets often work with regards to the number of characters utilized. According to a research conducted by a reputed digital house, 100 characters or fewer tweets are prescribed for maximum impact. Experienced SEM agencies often use short and sweet tweets to generate maximum engagement for your brand.

The above four tips can add value to your Twitter profile immeasurably. Take the help of reputed digital marketing services in Mumbai in case of strategy implementation and see your Twitter reach soar

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