Everything you need to know about Twitter’s new profile

Twitter is one social media platform that has not made an enormous number of changes right from its inception, unlike most of the others. Nevertheless, not stepping down the competitive ladder, Twitter has raised the bar by introducing its new look, the new Twitter profile. If you are someone who spends a lot of time on other users’ profile pages, you would know that doing so gives you a fair enough idea of who they are, what is their professional profile, their location status and what they look like. In other words, profile pages are extremely important for celebrities, brands as well as new users.

For those who aren’t an avid Twitter user, here is a breakthrough user’s guide into Twitter’s new profile.



What has changed?

The new Twitter profile is a close copy of that of Facebook’s profile page layout. All the elements on the page are bigger including the profile picture and the full-width header image. Not only this, even your tweets get larger depending upon their popularity. They have also ensured that the page has sufficient white/ bleed space, making the profile page indulging for the users.

How to build a new profile for yourself?

The most primary requirement in building your new profile is to add a profile picture and a brief description of yourself. Nonetheless, you should also know that you always have the option of skipping this step, leaving your photo and description blank. A slight difference from the old Twitter profile picture is that when you would leave a profile picture blank in the past, it would appear in the form of an egg, however, with the new implementation, the default avatar is a silhouette.

What more is in store?

To begin with, be sure that you’re almost there. The blank screen that appears above your profile picture is basically for a header image, which is much larger than the profile picture. Adding a header image will enable your profile to appear complete and updated. Try to avoid confusing the header with the background or theme that stems across your entire account. In terms of the theme, Twitter provides you with a plethora of options as well as gives you the alternative to upload your own. Another cool feature is the three tiny dots that appear under every tweet. Clicking on the same gives you the chance to “Pin the tweet” to the top of your profile, making it visible first when someone visits your page.

An overall conclusion of the same is that Twitter’s new profile does stand out and is managing to gather a positive, overwhelming response from all its followers. You could also deepen your understanding about the same by reading articles along the lines of social media marketing, digital marketing and search engine optimization on the internet.


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