Facebook allows businesses to run contests on Page Timelines

The Social- network giant, Facebook, has finally declared critical changes to its platform by making it more easygoing for businesses all across the globe to host competitions effectually and without much hassle. The supplementary bonus is that after the implementation, users are now allowed to participate in the competition by just commenting on the page.

The main objective behind the move is to break the promotions facet down further for not only the big daddies in the business but also small, humble businesses to create and administer promotions on their platform.

What’s the change?
The modification brought about by this applauded podium, Facebook, was with the sole motive of no longer putting businesses through the stringent course of running promotions exclusively through apps. Businesses of all sizes can now conveniently administer their promotions on their Page timelines itself.

By introducing this catalyst, companies can now collect contest entries by merely having users message the Page, post on the Page or even like and comment on a Page post. In addition, corporations can now bid adieu to third- party apps, as launching a contest based on the number of likes a post receive can be done directly on its Page.

How does a small business benefit?
Small and medium enterprises (SMEs) can reap the benefits of this alteration, as it is easier for them to build awareness about a new product, promote new openings in new locations, improve stocktaking or even promote other business targets.

Add on: Accurate Tagging
Facebook has also tightened the chords in reference to tagging. In an official blog post, they have mentioned that in order to preserve the precision of Page content, their Page terms now forbid Pages from tagging aimlessly or urging people to tag themselves in content that they are not really limned in.

That’s all about the sincere attempt made by Facebook to facilitate more businesses to join their eventful platform to launch their promotions. You could also know more about the guidelines set for their changes in promotion policies by checking their official promotion guidelines page: http://bit.ly/17k8eFl.

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