Facebook explores new revenue earning options; allows Indian users to promote personal posts at Rs 99

In a news release dated 3 October 2012, Facebook has opened the option for people to promote their personal posts on the social media site. Starting from yesterday, the users in the US can promote their posts to their friends at a cost, which is $7, according to TechCrunch.com. This service, which was introduced in India a few days back, charges users with Rs 99 to promote a post. When a user decides to go ahead with this option, he/she will see his post appear higher in their friend’s newsfeed.

The social media giant carried out the test of this feature in New Zealand in May. Gradually, the service was rolled out in over 20 countries with the US being the latest to join the list. The new service will enable people to promote their posts, photos, status updates, links, etc.

This move by Facebook is speculated as the company’s attempt at exploring newer alternatives to increase revenues. Now, it is still to be seen, whether users will embrace this feature or overlook it. No doubt, that celebrities and brands might cash on this option greatly but for general users only the time will tell.

To check out the payment policy, click here: https://www.facebook.com/payments_terms/

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