Facebook marketing: Common mistakes to be avoided by companies

In this social era, most companies are managing their social presence with great attention. One of the popular social networking sites, Facebook, is a hit among companies to market and grow their business. While it is vital to have a Facebook presence, as it reaches out to a large audience, it is also important to keep away from common mistakes while marketing.

Facebook, like other marketing tactics, requires companies to use certain tools to make their account complete for marketing purpose. Most companies are not aware of these tools. Let us look at the common mistakes done while Facebook marketing.

Mistake # 1

Simply creating an account is not sufficient for marketing

Most companies create an account on Facebook and consider it ready for marketing. However, ‘Likes’ would not increase automatically if you do not take efforts. Therefore, actively work to increase your fan following on FB. Run contest, put engaging content etc.

Mistake #2

Missing out on key details

Make sure to fill in all your details while creating your FB page. For many customers, your FB page is the first point of contact with your brand/company. If they are attracted from your page, they may take the effort to visit your website. Therefore, let them know what you do, who are you and where they can find you. Your FB page should mandatorily include details such as your phone number, photos of products/ brands, hours of operation, website address etc. Overall, this contributes to your Facebook marketing success.

Mistake # 3

Bombarding fans page with too many updates

If you are posting too much post in a day thinking this will work as a brand recall or enforce your message, you are wrong. Bombarding customer’s news feed with too many updates will irate the customer to block your page. Therefore, too many updates are not good for your Facebook marketing campaign. Set a limit of one post per day. Share a funny photo, conduct polls or ask a question, do all in moderation.

Mistake # 4

Wrong cover photo

The cover photo option allows you a chance to use a large photo that appeals to your fans. Remember, you cannot use photos that contain a call to action such as a discount. This is not allowed as per the guidelines and your account may be suspended. Therefore, use a proper cover photo that represents your brand or wins customers’ trust. Also, try to change your cover photo occasionally. This may drive traffic to your Facebook page.

Mistake # 5

Big posts

Do not commit the mistake of posting long updates since you have the space. A study has established that people often read posts that are shorter, less than 80 characters. The mantra is to keep it short and effective.

In today’s digital world, Facebook is really a great tool to market and sell your product/services. Keep a note of the above marketing mistakes to stay on track of your Facebook marketing campaign.

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Source: DreamGrow

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