Forecast: Top 7 Social Media Marketing Trends in 2014

The increasing number of social media platforms often makes companies confuse as to which platform is apt for their business model. Nevertheless, the social media-marketing experts have presented their profound views on which platforms will seemingly dominate the social networking arena in the upcoming year.

The predictions are out, let us take a look:

1. Roping in social media will become an asset: The ever-rising demand of social media marketing in the business has been well seen in 2013. However, 2014 seems to be more demanding in terms of the same. Integrating social media in your marketing strategy is certain to become a ‘must’ rather than just a ‘luxury’. The assessed results have proven to be nothing but realistic with an added benefit of measurable profit.

2. The Google+ Path: Google+ is a platform that has suddenly gained impetus on the social networking stadium. It has stepped up the ladder and landed a second place in the highest number of monthly users after the ever-dictating Facebook. The gained popularity is because of Google’s grand scheme in terms of SEO, social signals and providing a more personalized search experience. It is the integration that is spread across the web that gives a momentum to both businesses as well as personal users.

3. Visual Content on a constant rise: The year 2013 saw an evident rise in the trend of sharing images and videos rather than text- based content. This has been expected to continue vigorously even in the imminent year. In other words, social media platforms that focus more on image-based content will be on a constant rise in the right direction. Some of the expectedly dominant sites include Tumblr, Slideshare, Path, et al.

4. Micro Video to the rescue: No more tackling long videos. Micro videos are here! Platforms such as Instagram and Twitter’s Vine have started presenting users with limited time frames for video- sharing. It’s time to embrace the micro transition that will certainly result in macro benefits in the long run.

5. Deteriorating Foursquare: Foursquare is still struggling with a drooping number of users in the year 2013. Goes without saying that leading social networks like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter offering location-based features have managed to acquire all the attention, leaving Foursquare lagging behind. Nevertheless, let’s keep a watch out for what the future holds for this location-based social media platform.

6. Growing space for My Space: Irrespective of whether you love it or hate it, My Space has managed to claw up the ladder since earlier this year. Introducing an iPhone app has proved to be a major boon increasing its growing space on the social media podium. Will it grow bigger than Facebook and Twitter, is a question that 2014 will answer.

7. LinkedIn to assist acquire Businesses: With no close competitors, LinkedIn is still holding its head high as the #1 social networking site for professionals. With new and competitive advances, this professional platform ‘BIG DADDY’ is advancing towards an untouched area. Here’s a blooming platform that will draw enormous and more numbers of B2B marketers.
Having made the above predictions, the year 2014 will be a year of major integration and social media strategizing, seeing companies assimilate and commit good amount of time and resources to their social media sect.

Article source: Forbes,

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