Game changing tips to succeed on Instagram by GM of marketing services at Mercedes-Benz USA

Instagram has emerged as a big and influential social networking service in the last two years with more and more brands taking advantage of the medium to reach their audience. With more than 400 million users on Instagram, brands are always on the look-out for game changing strategies to make it big on this platform.

Let us look at what we can learn from the popular and successful brand Mercedes-Benz on how to succeed on Instagram.

If you are following Mercedes-Benz on Instagram, you would have noticed two things by now: they posts frequently throughout the day and their fan following is huge. It has over 4.9 million followers and typically their posts get between 50,000 to 1100,000 “Likes” each. Mark Aikman, general manager of marketing services at Mercedes-Benz USA, shares five valuable tips that can help brands gain traction on Instagram in an article published in


Loki the wolfdog


Tip # 1: Create original content
Mark Aikman believes that brands need to create dedicated content for the platform and not just repurpose its Facebook content. He gave an example of how the Mercedes-Benz campaign around the New York International Auto Show made use of shorter 15-second clips on Instagram and long videos on Facebook.

Tip # 2: Treat Instagram as a branding platform
Aikman believes that Instagram is about branding, whereas Facebook and Twitter are more direct-response platforms. According to him, one shouldn’t push the idea of making a sale on Instagram. .

Tip # 3: Invest in separate content
When Aikman was asked why Mercedes-Benz create so much content for Instagram, he replied, “We realize that millennials shop for cars and consumer content differently than baby boomers, and social is a big part of the mix.”

Tip # 4: Tell powerful stories
The Mercedes-Benz social media team believes that success is about telling powerful stories and creating compelling content. In this endeavor, the automaker once got involved with Loki the Wolfdog, a dog who accompanies his owner on travels around the world. The wolfdog became an internet sensation and hence, Mercedes got together with Lund, the owner of the dog, to posts updates on their account which created hundreds of thousands of “Likes” and “Shares”.

Tip # 5: Prepare for a long-term journey
According to Aikman, the journey on Instagram is long-term. He said, “It’s a multi-day, multimonth, multi-year journey with consumers. Success is built on the quality of aesthetics. Imagery is everything on Instagram.”

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