Gaze into 2014 digital marketing trends

We are inching towards the end of this year and the time has come to look forward to trends that are most likely to buzz in the Digital Marketing sector in 2014. The advancements in analytic reporting and expert assessment have made it possible to outline the emerging trends with precision.

Three trends that we believe would dominate the digital marketing industry in 2014 are:

  1. Hashtags will become a leading search tool
  2. Image-centric social media sites will rule
  3. Location-based marketing would come to the forefront

Here is a collection of six digital marketing trend forecasts for 2014, as per the top industry experts.

1. Shama Kabani, founder & CEO of Zen Group

According to the founder of a full-service web-marketing agency, Zen Group, people use social networking sites more to establish their own identity than to connect with each other. Therefore, an identity-based eco-system will be the tomorrow of the digital world. In addition, sites that provide services as an aggregator will come into the forefront. Their services are needed to organize the vast amounts of information available across the internet. She also forecasts a growing role of online video in digital marketing.

According to her, the main skills needed for success in the digital medium includes:

a. Knowledge about content creation

b. Curating skills for relevant information

c. Agility in thought and strategy

d. The ability to aggregate multiple points of data for decision-making

e. Ability to connect with people and resources


2. Emily Cramp, Managing Director, Thinkhouse

Engaging, clever and bite-sized content will rule the brand marketing trends in 2014, according to Emily Cramp. To capture the youth audience, publishers and creators would come up with engaging and customized content for specific platforms, such as Pinterest, Instagram etc. Three things that will help marketers capture the eyeballs in 2014 – speed, humor and personality.


3. Tim Grimes, Social Media and Digital Coordinator, Defected Records

Real-time marketing + location-based advertising will rock in 2014. According to Tim, the digital marketers need to identify how to capitalize on this trend as most of the players are getting it wrong. The need of the hour is to deliver multi-media directly to mobile users based on their location using the GPS technology.


4. Joby Russell, Marketing Director, Twitter

Interlinking television spots to tweets in a commercial way is worth keeping an eye out for in the upcoming year. This certainly is going to be an incredible, fresh and eye-catching attempt by Twitter. According to Joby, this has given advertisers all over the world an opportunity to be seen and heard not only on one but two platforms, simultaneously. Because of which, Twitter has tightened its position on the social media spectrum by digging into and adopting innovative ways to resurface as one of the top social media giants.


5. Scott Logie, Strategic Marketing Director, Direct Marketing Association UK

Attention Shoppers! According to Logie, the online shopping arena will catch traction in 2014. As per his predictions, the long lost bond between the retail and digital faction will pick up pace contributing to the fun factor on the shopping front. In addition, in-store mobile connection and buy in-stores will be a massive rage among all Shopaholics.


6. Brian Streich, International Marketing Director, StubHub

Shifting from the traditional channel focused views, marketers will require joining forces and working together to increase content and campaign impact. As per Streich, direct response channels would need to work tightly with social and brands to ensure they are leveraging campaigns and realizing the auxiliary value. For those marketers that do not collaborate proficiently, they probably have a malignant possibility of being left behind.


Only time will tell which of the above predictions will come to life. However, what can be accurately deduced from the above forecasts is that 2014 will be a turning point for the online marketing industry.


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