Google’s voice search still has a long way to go

It’s been a few months since Google added voice search capabilities when searching using Chrome. However, from the looks of it, the voice search still needs a significant degree of improvement.

We tested using one of our staff who is fairly accent-neutral, and some of the results that showed up were way off the mark.

For example, a search for “china electronics manufacturers’ turned up results for “china electronics plans”; a search for “Rahul Dravid” returned results for Rachel’s Drive, and a query for Lee Hsien Loong (Singapore’s prime minister) showed results for “Leave Seattle” !

To be a fair a couple of queries – CCTV cameras and Singapore hotels- returned the right set of results.

Even though our test sample is quite low, the degree of difference in interpretation of what’s being said certainly puts some big question marks over the quality and reliability of this voice search feature. We can’t help feeling that the product has been put out to the market before it is anywhere near ready.

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