Guest blogs: How NOT to request for one

With Google’s “crackdown” on links from general web directories and article directories, guest blogging seems to be the flavour of the season. Rightly so, perhaps, as links from articles or blogs on good websites will certainly benefit SEO efforts. However, while the technique is not in question, it is important to remember that success will really depend on quality– better the quality of the content you can produce, better will be the quality of websites that will accept your posts, which in turn will give you much higher link weightage.

This emphasis on quality should commence from the approach letter as it is the first indicator of the quality of content you will provide the site you are contacting.

Here’s an example of a request we’ve received a couple of times in the last week alone.

“I visited your web site earlier today and just wanted to congratulate you on a well presented, and informative web site. I have a site which has content relevant to your site. I am interested to do guest post/ article submission on your site as par google update we all known that unique and relevent content is more important for a site So i want to submit my seo, web designing or web hosting related article or post on your site, if you are interested so please inform me soon.”

Note the grammatical errors and incomplete sentences. It tells us rightaway that the content we can expect will likely be of such quality ie. with poor language and lack of attention to detail. Why would a webmaster accept a guest blog of such poor quality and damage the reputation of his website?

Two elementary things that SEOs/ link builders who are adopting the guest blogging tactic for link building should adopt for a greater probability of success:

a) Ensure your approach letter is free of grammatical errors and reads well. It doesn’t have to be a formal mail, but it needs to be correct with due respect to language.

b) Give links to some guest blog posts that you have contributed; if it is a pitch for your first guest blog post, then give a brief summary of the topic that you are going to write on. This excerpt should give the recipient a good idea of both your knowledge of the subject that you are proposing to write about.

Happy guest blogging!

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