How to improve effectiveness of your email campaign?

In today’s age, when technology is fast replacing the way we communicate, businesses are finding it hard to send across their message to their target using a single effective medium. A combination of online, offline, and social media is the trend world over. In this clutter, email marketing has taken the backseat, at least in term of its effectiveness. Although, a large number of businesses globally are making use of email as the preferred medium to reach their target, the effectiveness is something that is still under scanner.

Let us look at the top three advantages of sticking to a traditional email-marketing approach to reach out to target audience.

  1. Low-cost
  2. Low investment
  3. Easy tracking

Given the fact that it can be easily shared as well, using email to communicate does come across as an effective marketing tool. In fact, quite a number of researches have proven that email marketing is better than traditional media, in terms of effectiveness and driving sales. Therefore, allow us to put across a few tips, which when followed down to a T, can help you get more leads and better click through rate.

Tips to get more clicks on your email

1. Make your sender an individual and not an entity

When you send an email as a company, the chances are that it may directly find a place in the trash. A better approach is to send the email as a person rather than an entity. The trust level goes up and there is more likelihood that your email will be read.

2. Crisp headline

Your subject should carry the punch to make the recipient open your email. The two crucial aspects of an effective email marketing campaign is to have a catchy headline that is followed by engaging text. Does it compel the receiver to open the email and read through – is my headline that effective? You should ask this to yourself before clicking send button.

3. Hyperlink your images:

More often than not, we tend to hyperlink the keywords in the content ignoring the images.  But, remember an image is more likely to be noticed than long paragraphs of texts. So, hyperlink your images to the right tab.

4. Avoid sell, sell, sell approach

If you are pushing your product down the recipient’s throat, you are making a grave mistake. It is better to send rich content that would engage people to click and read your email. For instance, you can send DIYs, tips, facts, and such things that are useful in our day-to-day lives.  Build a trust first and then move ahead to promote your product.

5. Be concise

Time is short and emails are endless, therefore make sure to be concise in your email communication. If you have many things to say, you can give “read more” links at the end. Make sure your email is neat, concise and to the point. Giving links also help drive traffic to your website. Double whammy!

6. Smart email template

In today’s era of smart phones and tablets, it is wise to choose an email template that also works on cross platforms. An orderly interface is easier on the eye.

An effective email marketing campaign is all you need to get the desired leads. Go ahead and draft your email with the help of the above tips.

On Target provides effective email marketing campaign management to companies in diverse sectors, including education and training, health care, online retail and hospitality. To find out more about how we can help you with your email campaign, contact us now!



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