Marketing SEO services – a lesson in how not to!

This morning we received a brief e-mail from the Business Development Director of a SEO firm. The subject line was that our domain was on page 19 of Google and whether we wanted to be #1.  Interesting enough for us to take a look and read the message. That was when we got the ideal lesson in how NOT to market SEO services or, for that matter, any service.

The message  said that when the sender searched for a keyword phrase “best travel agency in Singapore”, our website was found on page 19 and not on page 1. That was followed by the typical pitch that all SEO companies make: the importance of being on the first page of Google. If we were convinced that being on page 1 of Google would be useful, we could avail of a free chat for some FREE & good advice.

The thing is, we are not not trying to be on the first page of Google for “best travel agency in Singapore”; we are not even a travel agency!  Little did this SEO company bother to check that they were pitching to another SEO firm, and they had ignored one of the fundamentals of marketing: targeting.

This applies as much to a company marketing SEO services as a company selling any other service. The probability of success with a “spray and pray” approach is far too low to be expending too much time, effort and money.

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