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  • Google testing card/box style interface on desktop & mobile search results? Google testing card/box style interface on desktop & mobile search results?

    Google is continuing to test a card based user interface for its search results in newer geographies. This time, the new interface is being testing on both Desktop and Mobile SERPs


  • Google releases Panda 4.0 update Google releases Panda 4.0 update

    In response to the outrage caused by the dreaded Panda update, Google has announced an important Panda 4.0 update. This latest addition to the Panda search algorithm series is expected to be softer with regards to search filtering and bring in a new lease of online life to small business sites. (more…)

  • Why you still need a SEM agency Why you still need a SEM agency

    I have recently been asked a question a few times by prospects intending to start their own ventures and evaluating their start-up marketing strategies: is it really necessary to engage a SEM agency to manage our Google Adwords campaign, considering that the self-serve platform is supposedly so easy to use. Such a question obviously points to an existential threat to SEO/SEM agencies like us; however, I am glad to have been asked this question with a surprising frequency as it forced us to re-evaluate our value proposition to our customers. (more…)

  • Gaze into 2014 digital marketing trends

    We are inching towards the end of this year and the time has come to look forward to trends that are most likely to buzz in the Digital Marketing sector in 2014. The advancements in analytic reporting and expert assessment have made it possible to outline the emerging trends with precision. (more…)

  • Say Hello to Google's 'Hummingbird' Say Hello to Google’s ‘Hummingbird’

    On the eve of the 15th birth anniversary of Google, the internet search master, has unveiled its new search algorithm, ‘Hummingbird’. This crucial modification was done without much a fanfare, keeping in the tradition of Google policy of keeping its algorithms secret. The objective of this update is to provide the best answers to the increasingly complex questions asked by the internet surfers. (more…)

  • Understanding ‘direct traffic’ and its importance in measuring your marketing success

    Measuring source of website traffic is an essential part of a digital marketer’s routine. The focus is typically on search engine traffic (whether organic or paid) and referral traffic. One source that often doesn’t get much more than a cursory look is ‘direct traffic’. However, I feel that direct traffic deserves much better attention because it can not only give an indication of the success of your overall marketing (and not just online marketing) but also this traffic could well be of a much higher ‘quality’ that results in targeted outcomes. (more…)

  • Selling online? Trust SEO & e-mail marketing (still!)

    Despite all the hype about social media marketing, when it comes to delivering sales for online sellers, organic search traffic (read, SEO) and good ‘ol e-mail seem to be the best digital marketing channels. This is based on a study by Custora and reported on (more…)

  • SEO round-up: Link building, Penguin, Matt Cutts, Authorship

    For about the last month and half, the SEO world has been abuzz with news of impending algorithm updates; post-mortems of the big Penguin 2.0 update and regular commentary and ‘warnings’ from Matt Cutts, the public face of Google at least as far as SEO is concerned. With SEO being such an important component of companies’ online marketing, it is prudent for digital marketers to take stock and evaluate the implications of recent developments and predictions. (more…)

  • Small business online marketing and Google+: how effective? Small business online marketing and Google+: how effective?

    Almost two years since the launch of Google+, the jury is still out on its usefulness and effectiveness as an effective social media marketing channel for small businesses.  For SMBs that have embraced online marketing, where does Google+ fall in the pecking order when it comes to adoption? (more…)

  • Digital marketing – effective channels to invest marketing money in

    Adopting a one-size fits all approach to digital marketing is fraught with the risk of simply draining precious marketing rupees without getting the desired outcome.  Factors such as the profile of the target audience as well as the time frame and budget within which you want to achieve desired results should determine the online marketing channels that get the budget allocated.  Of course,  as a digital marketing agency it is our responsibility to advise our clients what method/ channel will yield the best results for them.

  • Google authorship mark-up: Tips to get started Google authorship mark-up: Tips to get started

    Google Authorship mark-up allows authors to display more author information within search results pages (SERPs) and helps users to discover useful content.  Have look at the below screen shot, which shows how the use of Authorship mark-up will render a page within Google search results. (more…)

  • Advertise without blowing a hole in your pocket!

    Whether you are a start-up company or an established brand, you are practically invisible if you have no presence on the World Wide Web. Internet marketing offers affordable and effective marketing, especially for small and medium enterprises (SMEs). Budget is a constraint for SMEs. They cannot afford to spend huge amount of money on advertising – mainly print or TV, nor can they ignore marketing completely. After all, SMEs have to establish themselves as a brand and they are up against established and successful ones.

  • Google’s new algorithm update improves the diversity of search results for different domains

    Google has confirmed a new algorithm update recently, which will enable more domains to appear in search results. The most recent update may influence the rankings. It will reduce the instance of a single domain dominating the organic search results. (more…)

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