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  • Top SEO mistakes to avoid Top SEO mistakes to avoid

    Common SEO mistakes to avoid

    Lessons from delivering SEO consulting services over a decade

    While many SEO pros would like you to believe that it is a perfect science with accurately predictable outcomes for every action, I contend that it is an iterative process. Trial and error is very much a part of it. But why make the same SEO mistakes that others (more…)

  • Go secure (https) with your new website for SEO benefit Go secure (https) with your new website for SEO benefit

    If you are a business that is planning to launch a new website, then one of the things we suggest you consider doing right upfront is to make the site secure i.e. opt for the “https” protocol. (more…)

  • SEO lessons from Google: Essentials for contemporary SEO SEO lessons from Google: Essentials for contemporary SEO

    Google released a video recently where it listed the characteristics of a good SEO consultant and how to hire one. Presented by Maile Ohye, Developer Programs Tech Lead at Google, the video is an addition to the search giant’s “Do you need a SEO” page. (more…)

  • Advertising on Google Adwords’ content network: opportunities abound Advertising on Google Adwords’ content network: opportunities abound

    Even though Google’s advertising network is well established, many brands and search marketers running pay-per-click (PPC) campaigns remain skeptical about the effectiveness of using this channel. (more…)

  • Penguin 4.0: Implications for SEO professionals Penguin 4.0: Implications for SEO professionals

    Google confirmed the roll-out of the latest version of its Penguin algorithm- a long time after its previous release- sometime in the latter part of September 2016.  Unlike in the past, this latest release did not seem to have caused widespread ‘destruction’ of organic traffic or rankings for websites. (more…)

  • How SEO professionals should respond to Google updates & announcements How SEO professionals should respond to Google updates & announcements

    Google claims to make about 500 updates to its search algorithm each year, though many of them seem to be no more than small-scale tests. Typically, there are a couple of ‘major’ updates each year that sends the SEO world into a frenzy. (more…)

  • Content marketing for educational institutions: two key lessons Content marketing for educational institutions: two key lessons

    In all the years of our providing SEO and digital marketing services, we have had the opportunity to work with several education and training providers to assist them with their lead generation/ inbound marketing. In fact, we call ourselves the experts in online marketing for this sector (probably by accident rather than design). Our experience has brought to the fore a couple of key opportunities that most education/ training providers seem to miss, ignore or fail to pursue when it comes to their content marketing efforts. (more…)

  • How blogging impacts SEO efforts

    Often when we speak to a prospect interested in lead generation with digital marketing, we hear the questions, “We should be blogging, shouldn’t we? How many blog posts should we write to be on the top of Google? As part of your SEO deliverables/ service level agreement (SLA), how many blogs will you write each week?”.  These questions betray the ignorance of the rationale or spirit of blogging to attract visitors or leads through organic search results. (more…)

  • Why you still need a SEM agency Why you still need a SEM agency

    I have recently been asked a question a few times by prospects intending to start their own ventures and evaluating their start-up marketing strategies: is it really necessary to engage a SEM agency to manage our Google Adwords campaign, considering that the self-serve platform is supposedly so easy to use. Such a question obviously points to an existential threat to SEO/SEM agencies like us; however, I am glad to have been asked this question with a surprising frequency as it forced us to re-evaluate our value proposition to our customers. (more…)

  • The need for a diversified online marketing strategy

    In our seven years of existence as a digital marketing agency, we have helped hundreds of small and medium sized businesses get online visibility, primarily through organic search marketing aka SEO. We strongly believe that SEO will continue to be an important channel for generating visibility and acquiring traffic to one’s website; however, it is time for companies to adopt a multi-channel online marketing strategy that is less reliant on natural search traffic from Google. (more…)

  • SEO strategy without a content strategy is meaningless

    Are you working on creating a SEO strategy that can succeed in the current search landscape? Unless you are starting completely fresh with a new website, ensure that a robust content strategy is at the core of the SEO plan that you draw up. This will be absolutely key to achieve sustained success in attracting organic search engine traffic.


  • Say Hello to Google's 'Hummingbird' Say Hello to Google’s ‘Hummingbird’

    On the eve of the 15th birth anniversary of Google, the internet search master, has unveiled its new search algorithm, ‘Hummingbird’. This crucial modification was done without much a fanfare, keeping in the tradition of Google policy of keeping its algorithms secret. The objective of this update is to provide the best answers to the increasingly complex questions asked by the internet surfers. (more…)

  • Who says a SEO agency shouldn’t do PPC marketing for itself?

    We received a spam blog comment today on a personal blog maintained by one of our team members from a SEO company in Canada, trying to promote their own services while also inviting a listing/ article contributions for their website. One of the things that caught our attention was this sentence on the home page of their website: “You should not trust any SEO team that buys Google Adwords to advertise on Google; it shows they cannot do SEO.” How wrong could this SEO company be! We’d like to counter that digital marketing agency that uses Google Adwords (among other channels) to promote its own SEO services will most likely have a better understanding of online marketing and be much better positioned to provide holistic marketing advice to clients. (more…)

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