• How blogging impacts SEO efforts

    Often when we speak to a prospect interested in lead generation with digital marketing, we hear the questions, “We should be blogging, shouldn’t we? How many blog posts should we write to be on the top of Google? As part of your SEO deliverables/ service level agreement (SLA), how many blogs will you write each week?”.  These questions betra

  • Google releases Panda 4.0 update Google releases Panda 4.0 update

    In response to the outrage caused by the dreaded Panda update, Google has announced an important Panda 4.0 update. This latest addition to the Panda search algorithm series is expected to be softer with regards to search filtering and bring in a new lease of online life to small business sites. The original Panda was released in 2011 with a view

  • Enhance your Twitter conversations with these tips Enhance your Twitter conversations with these tips

    Twitter is considered to be one of the main social media platforms in the modern times. After Facebook, it has the largest social reach in terms of followers and tweets. In order to be successful on Twitter, you need to build engaging conversations. Otherwise your followers will unfollow you more quickly can you gain new ones. It is not rocket scie

  • Everything you need to know about Twitter’s new profile Everything you need to know about Twitter’s new profile

    Twitter is one social media platform that has not made an enormous number of changes right from its inception, unlike most of the others. Nevertheless, not stepping down the competitive ladder, Twitter has raised the bar by introducing its new look, the new Twitter profile. If you are someone who spends a lot of time on other users' profile pages,

  • 5 Laws of social media marketing 5 Laws of social media marketing

    The millions of users who check into Facebook per second globally is just an indication of the enormous reach and power social media has over the public. Many top corporate and brands harness this reach to bring exciting leads and opportunities for more sales. It also helps that social media provides a cheap and effective platform for meaningful cu

  • Why you still need a SEM agency Why you still need a SEM agency

    I have recently been asked a question a few times by prospects intending to start their own ventures and evaluating their start-up marketing strategies: is it really necessary to engage a SEM agency to manage our Google Adwords campaign, considering that the self-serve platform is supposedly so easy to use. Such a question obviously points to an ex

  • Facebook launches video ads product; taps TV advertising revenues Facebook launches video ads product; taps TV advertising revenues

    Facebook, the social media giant, took a giant leap in its advertising mediums with the launch of its video ads product. The launch is seen as an attempt by the social media to gain a strong foothold in the television video marketing segment. After its $19 billion WhatsApp acquisition, the social networking behemoth‘s latest move can be interpret

  • Guest Blogging: Four reasons for its downfall

    Guest Blogging was in a rage till a few years back. Website and blog owners used to scour around for high quality and professional guest bloggers. However, lately, their demand has dropped down and guest blogging applications are looked down with suspicions. So, what has changed? What prompted this sudden decline in guest blogging popularity? From

  • The need for a diversified online marketing strategy

    In our seven years of existence as a digital marketing agency, we have helped hundreds of small and medium sized businesses get online visibility, primarily through organic search marketing aka SEO. We strongly believe that SEO will continue to be an important channel for generating visibility and acquiring traffic to one's website; however, it is

  • Tips for press release shareability

    Press releases are not only an important part of a company's PR excercise but also an extremely useful tool in a company's online marketing/ content marketing strategy.  While in  the previous links-driven SEO world the focus of online press release distribution was often on acquiring links through the online PR distribution channels, the emphasi

  • Facebook enters Indian software market with Little Eye Labs acquisition Facebook enters Indian software market with Little Eye Labs acquisition

    In a historic deal, Facebook has bought an Android app developing startup Little Eye Labs, based in Bangalore. The notable fact of the deal is that it is the social media giant’s first Indian acquisition. Little Eye is being acquired for approx. Rs 90 crore, or $15 million. Established in May 2013 by a team of technology veterans, the founders

  • How to improve effectiveness of your email campaign?

    In today’s age, when technology is fast replacing the way we communicate, businesses are finding it hard to send across their message to their target using a single effective medium. A combination of online, offline, and social media is the trend world over. In this clutter, email marketing has taken the backseat, at least in term of its effectiv

  • The art of drafting a Google+ Post

    With an ever-increasing number of social media channels joining the digital marketing bandwagon, Google+ has managed to secure a strong base over the last two years. So much so, that today, it is the second-largest social networking site in the world after Facebook. In online marketing, it’s only smart to be where your audience is… Why?


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