• Gaze into 2014 digital marketing trends

    We are inching towards the end of this year and the time has come to look forward to trends that are most likely to buzz in the Digital Marketing sector in 2014. The advancements in analytic reporting and expert assessment have made it possible to outline the emerging trends with precision. Three trends that we believe would dominate the digital

  • SEO strategy without a content strategy is meaningless

    Are you working on creating a SEO strategy that can succeed in the current search landscape? Unless you are starting completely fresh with a new website, ensure that a robust content strategy is at the core of the SEO plan that you draw up. This will be absolutely key to achieve sustained success in attracting organic search engine traffic.

  • Google India’s Online Shopping Festival to go live on December 11

    What- Google India’s Online Shopping Festival (GOSF) When- 11th, 12th and 13th December 2013 Where- www.gosf.in Join Google India on 11th, 12th and 13th December 2013 for their 3 days online shopping carnival! And no matter who you are, there’s a deal for you. Internet’s giant Google has announced its 2nd mega online shopping fest

  • Organic ways to succeed on social media

    Social Media is a huge platform that has evolved immensely in the last two years. Today, news, updates, product launches etc., are first announced on Facebook and other prominent social media channels. Therefore, for every company, irrespective of its size and sector, it is important to thrive on a social media platform, which best complements its

  • Attributes of effective social media content Attributes of effective social media content

    As with various other forms of digital marketing, content is one of the most important determinants of success with social media marketing. Unlike website traffic acquisition methods, such as paid search advertising, where it is much easier to measure tangible benefits and fairly accurately determine the return on investment, there is a degree of

  • New Google banner tests: Bane or Boon

    The breaking news last week read ‘Google tests banner ads in search results’, prompting a flurry of debates about the form, consequences and legality of Google’s latest move. Coming close to the heels of penguin and hummingbird announcement, one might wonder what next big thing the internet search giant has up its sleeves. Long before, Go

  • 3 Impacts of Google Hummingbird on content marketing 3 Impacts of Google Hummingbird on content marketing

    The internet search giant Google has created waves with the announcement of hummingbird, the new search engine algorithm. Websites, especially content sites survive on the knowledge of algorithms and this algorithm has set off panic about their search engine rankings. But is this panic justified? How big is the impact on web content marketing? Read

  • Forecast: Top 7 Social Media Marketing Trends in 2014

    The increasing number of social media platforms often makes companies confuse as to which platform is apt for their business model. Nevertheless, the social media-marketing experts have presented their profound views on which platforms will seemingly dominate the social networking arena in the upcoming year. The predictions are out, let us take

  • Start-up marketing: if you don’t start it, you may be killing the start-up

    Recently, we were in a dialogue with the founder of an e-commerce start-up in India regarding a potential engagement for us to provide digital marketing services to his fledgling venture. We were excited because his website looked good, the products were niche and seemed like they had a good market and hardly any marketing was being done-- all in a

  • Say Hello to Google's 'Hummingbird' Say Hello to Google’s ‘Hummingbird’

    On the eve of the 15th birth anniversary of Google, the internet search master, has unveiled its new search algorithm, ‘Hummingbird’. This crucial modification was done without much a fanfare, keeping in the tradition of Google policy of keeping its algorithms secret. The objective of this update is to provide the best answers to the increasing

  • Facebook allows businesses to run contests on Page Timelines

    The Social- network giant, Facebook, has finally declared critical changes to its platform by making it more easygoing for businesses all across the globe to host competitions effectually and without much hassle. The supplementary bonus is that after the implementation, users are now allowed to participate in the competition by just commenting on t

  • Who says a SEO agency shouldn’t do PPC marketing for itself?

    We received a spam blog comment today on a personal blog maintained by one of our team members from a SEO company in Canada, trying to promote their own services while also inviting a listing/ article contributions for their website. One of the things that caught our attention was this sentence on the home page of their website: "You should not tru

  • Understanding ‘direct traffic’ and its importance in measuring your marketing success

    Measuring source of website traffic is an essential part of a digital marketer's routine. The focus is typically on search engine traffic (whether organic or paid) and referral traffic. One source that often doesn't get much more than a cursory look is 'direct traffic'. However, I feel that direct traffic deserves much better attention because it c


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