• Selling online? Trust SEO & e-mail marketing (still!)

    Despite all the hype about social media marketing, when it comes to delivering sales for online sellers, organic search traffic (read, SEO) and good 'ol e-mail seem to be the best digital marketing channels. This is based on a study by Custora and reported on MarketingPilgrim.com. The study reveals that: a) Organic search and e-mail marketing

  • Interdependence of SEO, content quality and website usability

    Sometimes clients with a fairly decent understanding of SEO, and the wherewithal to invest in it, demonstrate the same naivete that characterises clients for whom SEO is all about scattering keywords across a page (trust me, it still happens!). Some of these myths about SEO are so well-entrenched that even myth-shattering numbers as evidence take

  • Improve your website usability: simple tips to consider in your design

    By now, I believe you are aware of the benefits of having a website for your business. A website being available online 24x7, helps you to reach local and global customers, generate leads and create new business opportunities. It can not only help save money on marketing and lead generation but also contribute to better customer service.  Here, I

  • SEO round-up: Link building, Penguin, Matt Cutts, Authorship

    For about the last month and half, the SEO world has been abuzz with news of impending algorithm updates; post-mortems of the big Penguin 2.0 update and regular commentary and 'warnings' from Matt Cutts, the public face of Google at least as far as SEO is concerned. With SEO being such an important component of companies' online marketing, it is pr

  • Usability, user experience of web and retail – a different perspective

    In digital marketing, there are thousands of factors that affect a website on the Internet. For any kind of business, there would be necessary and important considerations that should be met for furthering business aspirations and to maximize the potential of the website. If not met, these affect the search engine optimization (SEO) output, social

  • Social media marketing gains share of online marketing budgets in India: E&Y survey

    Indian companies are beginning to get more social media savvy and increasingly allocating bigger chunks of their digital marketing spend to social media advertising, according to an Ernst & Young survey of 48  Indian enterprises with a robust presence in such media. Online marketing research firm eMarketer.com has summarized the findings of th

  • Small business online marketing and Google+: how effective? Small business online marketing and Google+: how effective?

    Almost two years since the launch of Google+, the jury is still out on its usefulness and effectiveness as an effective social media marketing channel for small businesses.  For SMBs that have embraced online marketing, where does Google+ fall in the pecking order when it comes to adoption? It seems that most businesses, especially ones that ca

  • Digital marketing – effective channels to invest marketing money in

    Adopting a one-size fits all approach to digital marketing is fraught with the risk of simply draining precious marketing rupees without getting the desired outcome.  Factors such as the profile of the target audience as well as the time frame and budget within which you want to achieve desired results should determine the online marketing channel

  • Google authorship mark-up: Tips to get started Google authorship mark-up: Tips to get started

    Google Authorship mark-up allows authors to display more author information within search results pages (SERPs) and helps users to discover useful content.  Have look at the below screen shot, which shows how the use of Authorship mark-up will render a page within Google search results. Benefits of using Google Authorship Use of the auth

  • 10 content types that Google loves!

    Ranking first on the Google page – something every SEO/SEM dreams of! Content is the deciding factor; this we all know, but do we understand what type of content Google favors? Here are 10 types of content that Google loves: Publish interviews: When you are making a claim, it always helps if it is backed by an expert’s opinion. Even Goog

  • Foursquare – What is it ? What marketers need to know?

    Foursquare is a location-based social networking website for smart mobile devices. If you are from the online digital marketing industry or a social media enthusiast, you surely must have heard about Foursquare. Your friends are checking in at Foursquare from different venues, becoming a mayor, earning badges etc. These updates have become common t

  • Advertise without blowing a hole in your pocket!

    Whether you are a start-up company or an established brand, you are practically invisible if you have no presence on the World Wide Web. Internet marketing offers affordable and effective marketing, especially for small and medium enterprises (SMEs). Budget is a constraint for SMEs. They cannot afford to spend huge amount of money on advertising

  • 2013 Social media trends for SMEs

    Social media has grown leaps and bounds in the last few years. It has become a serious business with exhaustive research and studies going into this field. The impact of social media is tangible, with all the brands harnessing the power of online marketing to reach out to the consumers. Online marketing is the trend – it is instant, cost-effectiv


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