• Top three reasons to be on social media

    Social media sites like Twitter, Facebook, Google plus and the likes have become a craze in today’s time. As per the estimates, one out of every eight people on earth is on Facebook. You can imagine the total number to be in billions or more. While individuals are embracing social media as an integral part of their life, the same is not replicate

  • SEO traffic- limitations on control over geographic origin of traffic

    One of our clients is interested in getting leads only from some specific cities in India. They rely mainly on SEO for their lead generation with a small amount spent per month on pay-per-click advertising using Google AdWords.  One of the regular feedback items we receive is that many of the inquiries they received are not relevant because they h

  • Global social media revenue to increase 43.1% y-o-y to $16.9 billion in 2012, says Gartner

    Market research company Gartner has put forth interesting revenue trends in the social media sector in its report “Forecast: Social Media Revenue, Worldwide, 2011-2016”. According to the forecast, social media revenue worldwide is projected to climb up by 43.1% year-on-year to $16.9 billion in 2012. The largest contribution to the revenue gr

  • Catching up on Olympics fever

    Who do you think is India’s strongest medal prospects for the Summer Olympics 2012 ??? The countdown for the biggest sports event is over and the competition is in its full swing. The world’s largest sports competition, The Olympic Games where athletes from different parts of the world participate in huge numbers to compete in summer and win

  • Important updates to Google AdWords features

    In the world of online marketing- particularly, search engine marketing- can anybody afford to stay oblivious to Google AdWords? A number of modifications have been made to AdWords in recent times. These new AdWords features (announced from time-to-time) are primarily designed to help search engine marketers create successful advertising campaigns.

  • To outsource digital marketing or not to?

    We're probably the wrong people to address this question; afterall, as a digital marketing agency, we have a vested interest in companies outsourcing their online marketing efforts to agencies like ours. However, not withstanding our "prejudiced" view, there are several solid reasons why it will be beneficial for a company to look at an external sp

  • 10-minute SEO! How about SEO in 2 minutes?

    There was a video recently released by somebody from Google that attracted quite a lot of attention and got embedded and covered by many other websites. It was a 10-minute guide to SEO for start-ups. Yes, learn SEO in 10 minutes! [To give credit where it's due, the presenter did mention that the tips were more suitable for a site that is about 50-

  • Is Google being evil, peddling SEO and Adwords?

    Two things happened in the last week that made us wonder: "Can Google really be doing this?". First, we received an e-mail from a search marketing client of ours, in which he mentioned as a FYI: ".. by the way, we received a call from Google offering us their campaign management for SEO and Google Adwords." Considering the context of the commun

  • SEO-friendly content- the key characteristics

    In a previous article about major SEO trends in 2012 and beyond, we had listed an item pertaining to the key attributes of SEO-friendly content. We gave it the acronymn 'FOCAL' - and promised to elaborate that in a separate post. To reiterate, FOCAL - stands for: Fresh; Original; Comprehensive; Authoritative and Local. Creating content that ti

  • SEO trends-2012 & beyond

    As Panda has given way to Penguin and even mainstream business newspapers like The Wall Street Journal cover the "destruction" that Penguin has left in its wake since it walked over websites around April 24, let's take stock of what all this means for the SEO industry. Some of the antidotes recommended for sites affected by Penguin sound extrem

  • Relevant search results = more searches. Doesn’t sound right, does it?

    One of the big guns at Google and a Google Fellow, Amit Singhal was asked at the SMX Expo a question that a lot of us sceptics always have at the back of our minds: how much does revenue considerations influence changes to the algorithm improvements for organic search results? The answer was certainly expected- none, said Singhal. What I didn't

  • SEO best practices: a refresher

    There are some standard SEO practices to be followed when optimizing your website for e search engines. Knowing about the potential impact of these SEO practices is useful in prioritizing the tasks. So, here, we present a list of some of the most common and simple – yet extremely important- factors to consider when doing SEO of your website.

  • eMarketer Forecast: Google’s US display advertising business anticipated to surpass Facebook’s by 2013

    According to eMarketer’s new forecast, Google’s display business is showing more growth than anticipated and may overtake Facebook as the top display advertising seller by 2013. Facebook, the online social networking giant, overtook Yahoo! last year to become the leading display advertising seller in the US. Net Revenues (Display advertisin


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