Selling online? Trust SEO & e-mail marketing (still!)

Despite all the hype about social media marketing, when it comes to delivering sales for online sellers, organic search traffic (read, SEO) and good ‘ol e-mail seem to be the best digital marketing channels. This is based on a study by Custora and reported on

The study reveals that:
a) Organic search and e-mail marketing far outperform the yield or return from channels like affiliate marketing or Facebook and Twitter in terms of the percentage of customers acquired
b) The average customer life cycle value from the above old-school marketing channels is significantly higher than that from Facebook and Twitter.

What should digital marketers, especially at companies that sell products online, take away from such findings? Here is what we recommend:
a) Get real about expectations from social media: This is a very important channel- in fact, one that is growing bigger by the day– but don’t expect people to jump from your Twitter feed or Facebook page with a credit card handy.

b) Continue to believe in the social media channel and invest in it, may be at a lower scale depending on one’s immediate priorities. Social media will provide important “assists” in eventually contributing to a sale which may not be getting its due credit. This assist could be either due to brand recall or because of improved visibility in organic search results owing to greater weightage of social media presence. The positive impact of social media on SEO is now almost universally acknowledged among SEO circles.

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