SEO strategy without a content strategy is meaningless

Are you working on creating a SEO strategy that can succeed in the current search landscape? Unless you are starting completely fresh with a new website, ensure that a robust content strategy is at the core of the SEO plan that you draw up. This will be absolutely key to achieve sustained success in attracting organic search engine traffic.

We are strong believers that the technical and structural aspects of SEO ie. making the site accessible to search engine spiders and enabling them to read and index the content on a page are mainly a one-time effort. There will of course be some regular house-keeping efforts necessary but with search engines becoming much smarter and more powerful in being able to ‘find’ content, the bulk of the SEO effort has to revolve around content and building popularity.  Not only will high-quality content enhance the appeal of a website to search engines, but also it is obvious that such content is one of the most reliable means to boost popularity of a website, which in turn contributes to improved search traffic.  A virtuous circle, indeed!

A sound content strategy has to address the types of content to be created for the different audiences; the key themes or topics to focus on; the volume and frequency of content creation; the style and tone to be adopted; and, the approach to distribution of content.  Each of the above requires considerable thought and planning and serious brainpower to think strategically and laterally. A thorough understanding of not only the target audience but also internal strengths, weaknesses and challenges is imperative.

While the ‘content is king’ mantra is repeated ad nauseam, it is revealing how reluctant companies are to invest in content even as they expect outstanding results with their SEO campaign. Not surprisingly, several agencies get away without putting the requisite emphasis on content.  We are convinced that such an approach is doomed to fail in the long term. While we may not be there yet, we may not be too far away from the day when the content strategy will be the SEO strategy as opposed to it being a subset of the latter.

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