The art of drafting a Google+ Post

With an ever-increasing number of social media channels joining the digital marketing bandwagon, Google+ has managed to secure a strong base over the last two years. So much so, that today, it is the second-largest social networking site in the world after Facebook.

In online marketing, it’s only smart to be where your audience is… Why? Well, that’s to be able to engage them and give them great content to like and share among their friends as well. The sole motive is to drive them back to your own digital presence i.e. your website.

This article will enlighten you on how to build authority and engage your audience on Google+.

1. Use of Image- Unlike Facebook and Twitter, Google+ is dominantly used by users for the images. In fact, it’s a lot like Pinterest, where the image rules. In addition, nothing could clarify the point that Google+ is image based, as the latest Google+ update was supporting large images, some of which stretch wide across the screen. You need to understand and imply the fact that an image can make or break your post. So, think smart and think fast!

2. Headline- Following the captive image, your next move needs to lay emphasis on gaining all attention to the headline. You could get intuitive yet try to follow the ‘four Us’, namely:

  • Unique
  • Useful
  • Ultra-specific
  • Urgent

Your headline could be as long as you want but ensure to keep your first line as captivating as ever!

3. Body Copy- Google+ does not offer you much when it comes to formatting, however, you could break down and format your posts with these three tips:

Go Bold- You could use asterisks around the words you wish to draw the viewer’s attention. This will make the word you’re intending on making bold, appear bold. A great way of accentuating the word, drawing sufficient attention making it noticeable.

Ideal Italics- All of us wish we could use italics in our posts, and the good news is that Google+ understands that. There isn’t any tool per se to make your words italics, however, you can make use of one underscore before the word and after the word you wish to italicize. Simple and effective!

Bullets- When you have pointers, refrain from using the infamous ‘numbering’. Go a bit primitive and create your own bullets. All you’ve got to do is hit your space bar, enter a hyphen and hit your space bar again. It works, it really does.

The above-mentioned three points have given you a foundation to work on your Google+ account, nevertheless, make sure to keep the content informative and fun. One of the important things that you could take into account while creating content for Google+ is to come up with niche ideas. Get proactive and put responses to other circles posts as well. This will encourage people to comment on your posts as well. You could get creative and test new ideas.

I hope this article proves useful and most importantly, don’t forget to see the image to get a heads up of using G+ effectively!

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