The SEO recipe: creativity, the missing ingredient

When we were looking to hire a few SEO executives for our Mumbai office recently, we had the opportunity to speak a lot of young SEO professionals with about a year to 2 years’ experience.

One of the things that stood during this recruitment excercise was how the entire SEO process had been firmly entrenched in their minds: the (inevitable) question about the approach to SEO was answered with a list of items: on-page optimisation, off-page optimisation, directory submissions, link building, article marketing, blog commenting, profile building, and of course, social media marketing.  It was almost like they had a check-list by rote and were ticking off one box after another; call it, assembly-line SEO!

Nothing wrong with that, but we couldn’t help feel that most of these candidates tended to miss out on an essential ingredient for SEO success, one that we believe could actually make the difference between one SEO professional from another and one company providing this service from another. And that critical ingredient to the SEO recipe is: CREATIVITY.

There may not be too much scope for creativity with the technical aspects of SEO, unless one were to get into the intricacies of information indexing, retrieval and search engineering (which I can say with a fair degree of confidence that only a small fraction of companies delivering SEO services- us included- are equipped to do). However, there is enormous potential for creativity in content and popularity building activities, be it in content generation or content distribution. And we believe, these are probably the areas that are most in the control of the SEO team.

It’s time the mindset is changed to add that nebulous item called ”Creativity” to the SEO toolkit.

P.S: While on the topic of creative SEO, here’s an article titled- SEO-there is no secret ingredient by Joshua Titsworth of Click2Rank. While we agree with a lot of things Joshua mentions, we’d like to emphasise the secret ingredient we have talked about here: creativity!

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