Tips for press release shareability

Press releases are not only an important part of a company’s PR excercise but also an extremely useful tool in a company’s online marketing/ content marketing strategy.  While in  the previous links-driven SEO world the focus of online press release distribution was often on acquiring links through the online PR distribution channels, the emphasis has now rightly shifted on getting the right level of coverage through relevant channels/ media. The operative word now is ‘share worthy’ and not  ink-worthy. In a recent interview with PR News, Taylor Cole, director of public relations and social media at the leading hotel booking site,, gives some simple tips to make press releases more shareable which we have excerpted below.

> Ensure press releases are accurate, well-written (to the point) and timely.

> Start with a good headline that you’d like the brand’s story to be seen with and then develop the story with the who, what, when, where, why, etc.

> Strive for the story to be balanced  (we interpret that as a call to avoid too much hype and making the press release very ‘salesy’)

> Have a solid opening paragraph that will entice users into the story; many press release writers make the folly of wasting the first paragraph with stale/ irrelevant information.

> Always use good quality visuals (images, photographs, infographics, etc.) and other multi-media content (videos, audios) with the press release— such content are likely to get the reader’s attention more quickly and get shared on social media channels.

For the full interview, visit PR News.

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