Top three reasons to be on social media

Social media sites like Twitter, Facebook, Google plus and the likes have become a craze in today’s time. As per the estimates, one out of every eight people on earth is on Facebook. You can imagine the total number to be in billions or more. While individuals are embracing social media as an integral part of their life, the same is not replicated by brands in a broad way.

Many brands shun being on such a platform out of the fear of the unknown. For instance, it may turn into a platform for irate consumers to post their complaints instead of a tool to promote and build brand. This is an inherent risk, but despite this, a brand should take a plunge into the thriving world of social media marketing.

Let us look at the top three reasons why as a brand you should invest in building your social media presence.

Wide audience reach

Did you know Facebook has over 900 million and twitter about 500 million users? In addition, other mediums like Linkedin have a large user base. Is it possible to tap such a large user base through any other medium reasonably? Of course, you would not get an access to millions of users in your first week but gradually, you can increase your audience via engaging and interesting updates. The sharing option of these mediums makes them more suitable to be considered for brand building exercise.

With a little effort, you can tap a huge user base through social media. The potential to get new consumers is unceasing.

Building brand awareness

For big companies and brands, it is no big deal to increase brand awareness through social media. People would find brands and like their page to keep themselves updated of the new happenings or offers. However, if you are a start-up, you should meticulously plan your road ahead. Your first goal should be to generate awareness of your brand and attract people towards it. For this to happen, you need to invest time to publish content that educates the audience.

If the content, image, or offer, is really good, your likes would automatically multiply since people would share your posts. This will increase your brand awareness across the globe.

Get involved in the conversation

Many brands commit the mistake of creating their social media accounts and then exiting into a dormant stage. You are posting good content and people are taking notice to you, this is the time when you need to converse with your audience. Irrespective of good or bad comments, get involved and answer your audience. It is a fact that if you could handle a bad situation swiftly and in an efficient manner on the social media, you are bound to win the trust of consumers.

So, take your Facebook and twitter accounts seriously. Get involved and converse with your audience. Pay heed to their opinions. Social media platforms are the best tool to strike a bond with your present as well as potential customers.

Are you ready to capitalize on the growth in social media adoption in India and the marketing/ advertising opportunities these offer? Contact us to discuss more, we can formulate and execute your social media marketing strategy.

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