Using videos for effective B2B online marketing

With increasing speed of Internet connectivity and lower cost of bandwidth, the use of online videos is bound to keep growing in leaps and bounds. The greater consumption of multimedia content, particularly video, means that online marketers have to seriously consider adding video content to their content andmarketing mix. Moreover, with videos becoming a fairly integral part of  universal search results, SEO considerations also add the weight to producing more video content.

Also, videos are not just suitable for B2C marketing; they are equally useful for B2B marketing. An increasing number of B2B companies have their own channels on video distribution sites like YouTube in a bid to increase their overall visibility, brand recognition and may be even drive traffic to their own websites.

For small business marketing, using video for marketing might seem quite daunting. It often starts with the first piece of the video mix: video content production. Obviously there are three important considerations: the video must be professionally produced; it must be easy to produce and lastly, it must be fairly inexpensive and cost-effective.  As we learnt from one of our valued clients in the online B2B publishing space, it is not difficult to meet all of the above criteria. This publisher has successfully launched its security videos channel, which includes professionally produced product and corporate videos including a voice over! The best part is that these videos are created out of existing material and don’t require special filming and camera crews. The effectiveness of this tool for marketing purposes, both from a cost and impact perspective, can be seen from the fact that some leading brands in the global security industry have added this product to their marketing mix and producing great video content. We are convinced that if such video content can be used effectively in the rather niche security industry,there is no reason why it can’t be used well in other sectors.

Of course, creating video content is only the first part of the video content marketing mix. For most effectiveness, the other two pieces are equally, if not more, important- video publishing and marketing. We’ll touch upon that in a separate article.

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