Ways to fine-tune your web writing skills

Writing for the web can be very challenging especially if you are not constantly updating your writing skills. Whether you are a novice or a pro in writing blogs, press release, or marketing copy, it always helps to upgrade your skills.  Here are some quick tips to improve your writing.

  1. Write to the point – Strike out the clutter. A message should make a point as soon as it is read. Is your writing honest on this measure?
  2. Always spell check – This may sound basic, but it is important to use a spell check before publishing your content online. Make use of Ms Word spell and grammar check once you finish the write-up.
  3. Use active voice – Naturally, the impact of writing in the active voice is far more than passive. However, it is not a rule to use active verbs at all times. You can use passive voice, but use it strategically.
  4. Read what you write aloud – Trust me, it helps if you read out your content aloud. It is easy to catch mistakes and problems in content flow.
  5. Intelligent choice of words – This is necessary at all times. Choose words that make your content precise, and descriptive, at the same time enable readers to visualize the scene.
  6. Get rid of empty modifiers – Words like very, really, etc., add no useful information. Tony is very fat. No, get rid of such empty modifiers to make your write-up more crisp.
  7. Pay attention to your sentence structure – Readers don’t like to read repetitive stuff. Even if your content varies but the structure is same, the write-up comes across as repetitive.
  8. Short and simple – Draft short and simple sentences, but don’t be afraid to play with the structure.
  9. Use bullet points – Bullet point guides the readers to scan through your content quickly. Therefore, use bullet points but brief ones only.
  10. Address your readers – Readers want to know what’s in it for them, so address them.
  11.   Make interesting headlines – This is the first point of contact with the reader. Therefore, it has to be impactful to keep them reading until the end.
  12.   Authenticate your write-up – Readers like it when you back up your content with facts and figures. Make your content powerful with credible information.

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