Dr.Batra's Positive Health Clinics

Dr.Batra's is India's largest chain of homeopathy clinics. Founded in 1982 by renowned homeopath, Dr.Mukesh Batra, Dr.Batra's now operates over 88 homeopathy clinics across 34 cities in India, Dubai and the UK. Dr.Batra's clinics are available not only in all the major metros of India, but also most of the tier 2 and tier 3 cities --- with several more clinics slated to open in the near future, clearly indicating the growing popularity of homeopathy. If homeopathy is recognised today as more than alternative medicine resorted to by a small select group and bringing this medical stream to the mainstream of healthcare, Dr.Batra,s can take a lot of credit for it.

The chain has been delivering homeopathy treatment for a wide range of illnesses and medical conditions to more than a million people around the world.

Hair transplantation

Besides delivering homeopathic treatments, Dr.Batra,s is also one of the leaders in the area of hair transplant surgery in the country through its group company, Dr.Batra,s B Perfect. The company has established a reputation for providing international quality hair transplant services at Indian prices with its team of highly qualified and experienced surgeons trained by international experts. Using the latest hair transplantation techniques at its state-of-the-art clinics, Dr.Batra's B Perfect has successfully transplanted over 1.2 million hair till date.

Positive Health Foundation: Corporate Social Responsibility initiatives

While Dr.Batra,s is the most recognized symbol of homeopathy in India, the company has taken significant steps in the realm of corporate social responsibility. The Dr.Batra,s Positive Health Foundation has been regularly recognizing people for overcoming challenges, staying positive and achieving success in their chosen fields despite all the obstacles they face. To know more about this corporate social initiative from Dr.Batra's, check out the Facebook page of the Dr.Batras Positive Health Foundation.

About Dr.Mukesh Batra
Dr.Mukesh Batra is obviously renowned as the founder of India,s largest homeopathy chain. What is probably less known is that he is an avowed cricket fan and a prolific writer, who has written several books. His most recent book "Healing with Homeopathy" was released in 2011. Dr.Mukesh Batra writes a regular blog on a wide range of topics close to his heart. He is also the recipient of the prestigious Padmashree award in 2011 for his contribution to the field of medicine. Read more about Dr.Mukesh Batra on Wikipedia and on his blog, drmukeshbatra.com .

Want to follow developments and initiatives from this company? Check out Dr.Batra's on Facebook.

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