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Selling online? Trust SEO & e-mail marketing (still!)
Despite all the hype about social media marketing, when it comes to delivering sales for online sellers, organic search traffic (read, SEO) and good ‘ol e-mail seem to be the best digital marketing channels. This is based on a study by Custora and reported on

Digital marketing : effective channels to invest marketing money in
Adopting a one-size fits all approach to digital marketing is fraught with the risk of simply draining precious marketing rupees without getting the desired outcome. Factors such as the profile of the target audience as well as the time frame and budget within which you want to achieve desired results should determine the online marketing channels that get the budget allocated. Of course, as a digital marketing agency it is our responsibility to advise our clients what method/ channel will yield the best results for them.

Guest blogs: How NOT to request for one
With Google's "crackdown" on links from general web directories and article directories, guest blogging seems to be the flavour of the season. Rightly so, perhaps, as links from articles or blogs on good websites will certainly benefit SEO efforts. However, while the technique is not in question, it is important to remember that success will really depend on quality- better the quality of the content you can produce, better will be the quality of websites that will accept your posts, which in turn will give you much higher link weightage.

Google Adwords should allow city-level geo-targeting in India
One of the great advantages of running a pay per click (PPC) search marketing campaign, particularly Google Adwords, is the great flexibility that these advertising platforms provide. There are numerous targeting options, which allow a marketer to reach his target audience as precisely as possible. One of the most important of these targeting options is obviously geo-targeting: by country, state/province and city.

Targeted Landing Pages for PPC campaigns
Setting up a campaign specific landing page can improve your PPC conversion rates by focusing your content and removing homepage distractions. Landing pages are a tough topic to cover because certain things work for different people, so it’s sometimes difficult to understand what really works all the time. We do know simple design and simple content helps reduce noise and confusion for your audience.

Google Adwords campaign management: Competitor brand name bidding tips
In their quest to maximize the number of relevant click-throughs for their ads, advertisers and campaign managers running a pay-per-click campaign on Google Adwords often resort to a ‘competitor brand name bidding’ strategy.

Online advertising growth continues amidst economic recession
What happens in the US usually happens within a few years in India. Going by that pattern, online advertising in India can also be expected to grow continuously over the next few years at the expense of advertising in other media such as newspapers, radio/ television and print magazines.

Web marketing: Alternative marketing in an economic downturn
In March last year, John Quelch, a professor at the Harvard Business School, wrote a brief article titled ‘Marketing through a recession’ , where he listed eight suggestions to bear in mind when making marketing plans for this year. One of those messages was: “Maintain marketing spending. This is not the time to cut advertising.”

Search engine marketing spend to hit $14.7 billion in 2009: SEMPO
The Search Engine Marketing Professional Organization (SEMPO) estimates that spending on search engine marketing (SEM) will be $14.7 billion in 2009. According to a new research from SEMPO and Radar Research, $13.5 was spend on SEM last year. Not surprisingly, paid advertising accounted for almost 88% of that spend, with organic SEO getting only about 11% of the pie.

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