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Get excellent visibility, generate leads or drive sales through your website by dominating search engine results. Be seen right at the top of search engine results when your target audience searches for products and services you offer, with our proven search engine optimization (SEO) service.

We have executed successful SEO campaigns for clients in various sectors: consumer/ personal financial services, education and industrial products, in the process getting both absolutely new and obscure websites to the top of search results pages. No matter what industry you are in, or what your key objectives of an online marketing campaign are, we can plan and execute a custom SEO strategy tailored to your specific needs and goals.

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SEO with a difference

How do we differ from the hundreds of Mumbai SEO firms? We strive to differentiate our service in several ways from the rather commoditized SEO services.
  • Add significant value to your marketing : We view SEO as a marketing function more than a technical (IT) function. Since we devise campaigns with a marketing mindset, we unearth and exploit numerous marketing opportunities that go beyond ‘conventional’ SEO and thus add significantly more value to your natural search marketing campaign.

  • Focus on relevant traffic and conversions rather than search engine rankings : Of course, we do monitor search engine rankings for the keywords that are targeted as part of the SEO campaign and deliver monthly reports on the same. However, that is not the be-all and end-all. We recognize that rankings don’t mean much if they don’t translate to actual visitors to your website and, more importantly, perform the key activity you want them to, be it sending a sales inquiry or registering with you, buying something online or even simply reading an article. As part of our SEO services, we ensure that we are with you throughout that process; our job is only partially done when your rankings go up.

  • Customized SEO strategy that is proactive as well as responsive to external factors : Cookie-cutter SEO campaigns work to a limited degree, but if you are looking for long-term, sustainable results, then you definitely need a customized SEO strategy that goes beyond looking at your website alone: market segments, competition and the strategies adopted by the competition are also determining factors. We ensure that your SEO effort not only responds to the various external factors but is also proactive enough to tap hitherto unseen opportunities.

  • Consultative and participative SEO approach : We listen carefully. We work with you closely, involving different functional teams, as necessary, to ensure that the SEO campaign is not being pulled apart in multiple directions.

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SEO pricing / rates

We find it impossible to give out blanket pricing for a SEO campaign, without knowing the market sector a website operates in and the current level of competition in the sector, besides a host of other factors, including the current state of the website in question.

No two SEO projects are ever identical, because the needs and pressures are different; as a result, pricing is also invariably likely to vary. Suffice to say, we have executed SEO campaigns that range from Rs.30,000/- to several lakhs of Rupees. We are most likely not the cheapest service provider in town, but rest assured, we will be among the most cost-effective.

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Remote management of SEO projects

While we are based in Millennium Business Park (MBP), Navi Mumbai, location is certainly not a constraint for us for handling SEO projects. We service clients not only from all corners of Mumbai, but also from different parts of India. Clients in Mumbai obviously benefit from the frequent face-to-face interactions; however, our regular client communication process via e-mail, telephone and instant messaging will ensure that we are never too far away from you irrespective of your location.

If you are looking for top-notch SEO talent for your campaign, irrespective of where the service provider is located, then give us the opportunity. We’ll ensure that it was well worth it!

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Recent SEO blogs & articles

Google releases Panda 4.0 update
In response to the outrage caused by the dreaded Panda update, Google has announced an important Panda 4.0 update. This latest addition to the Panda search algorithm series is expected to be softer with regards to search filtering and bring in a new lease of online life to small business sites.

Guest Blogging: Four reasons for its downfall
Guest Blogging was in a rage till a few years back. Website and blog owners used to scour around for high quality and professional guest bloggers. However, lately, their demand has dropped down and guest blogging applications are looked down with suspicions. So, what has changed? What prompted this sudden decline in guest blogging popularity? From being a sought after practice, it has gone to become a hated content marketing strategy.

SEO strategy without a content strategy is meaningless
Are you working on creating a SEO strategy that can succeed in the current search landscape? Unless you are starting completely fresh with a new website, ensure that a robust content strategy is at the core of the SEO plan that you draw up. This will be absolutely key to achieve sustained success in attracting organic search engine traffic.

Who says a SEO agency shouldn’t do PPC marketing for itself ?
We received a spam blog comment today on a personal blog maintained by one of our team members from a SEO company in Canada, trying to promote their own services while also inviting a listing/ article contributions for their website. One of the things that caught our attention was this sentence on the home page of their website.

Link building maintains its relevance for SEO
As expected, a lot of focus in the aftermath of a major Google algorithm update like Penguin 2.0 has been on links: the value of link building and what sort of links will still count as valuable in determining rankings. However SEO marketers seem to agree that links will continue to be among the most important ranking factors at least in the foreseeable future, even if content quality and social media visibility are considered to be gaining in importance.

Five effective local SEO and digital marketing tips for small businesses
If you run a small business and want to drive website traffic through organic search engine traffic, there are some simple steps you must take to ensure your SEO and online marketing efforts yield the desired results. As with so many aspects related to SEO, this is not rocket science; rather, common sense marketing methods tailored for the digital medium.

Selling online? Trust SEO & e-mail marketing (still!)
Despite all the hype about social media marketing, when it comes to delivering sales for online sellers, organic search traffic (read, SEO) and good ‘ol e-mail seem to be the best digital marketing channels. This is based on a study by Custora and reported on MarketingPilgrim.com.

Interdependence of SEO, content quality and website usability
Sometimes clients with a fairly decent understanding of SEO, and the wherewithal to invest in it, demonstrate the same naivete that characterises clients for whom SEO is all about scattering keywords across a page (trust me, it still happens!). Some of these myths about SEO are so well-entrenched that even myth-shattering numbers as evidence take a while getting accepted!

SEO – News & Announcements

On Target leads digital marketing for online tutoring provider specializing in spoken English
Company will provide its full range of digital marketing services including SEO, paid search engine marketing/ advertising, social media marketing as well as online media planning and buying. On Target’s mandate is to maximise online visibility and lead generation for eAgeTutor and help establish it as the No.1 provider of online spoken English training in India.

E-commerce start-up taps On Target for online marketing
Delhi-based Benor Organics, which specializes in organic products, will work with the Mumbai digital marketing company to create online visibility and drive web sales for its recently-launched e-commerce store, DeshSe (www.deshse.com). As the web marketing partner for the online retailer, On Target will provide strategic consulting as well as execute SEO/SEM and social media marketing to help DeshSe successfully roll-out pan-India during the course of the year.

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SEO Success Stories

  • Helped position a small steel exporter in Mumbai to be ranked higher than some of the largest steel manufacturers in India for highly competitive keywords, generating leads from all over the world!
  • Enabled an education services group in Mumbai to cut down their print advertising & marketing costs- with lead generation efforts by SEO!
  • Powered SEO & other online marketing efforts of a Mumbai start-up to achieve amazingly quick visibility and brand recognition, such that it was acquired by a blue-chip conglomerate in India.

SEO Trivia?

  • SEO Mumbai or Mumbai SEO? Does it make a difference? Should it? We believe it shouldn't, but often does! Just some of the many 'trivial' issues that keep a SEO company on its toes! :)